Monkey Farts Goat’s Milk Soap


We could only wish that true Monkey Farts smelled as delightful as this! We blend yummy things that monkeys eat – Banana, Mango, Papaya, Coconut & Pineapple plus a hint of Vanilla to create this unique and complex fragrance.


Very popular soap – not just because it has a fun name – but because it smells soooo good!


Tan with brown swirls.



We make our Monkey Farts Goat Milk Soap in small batches with saponifed food quality soybean oil, coconut oil, goat’s milk, palm oil. May contain, water, herbs, essential oils, botanicals, fragrance, cottonseed oil, honey, sea salt, mineral colorants.


Weighed at least 3.5oz when cut.

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Weight3.5 oz


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